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Story Promotion

Our focused efforts uncovering, developing and promoting feature stories can help colleges and universities achieve major coverage for their best people and programs in influential news outlets.

Positioning University Experts

Generating positive coverage for quotable faculty sources is one of the best ways to keep your college or university in the spotlight--and on the minds and lips of key internal and external audiences. We specialize in connecting quotable sources in higher education with appropriate reporters, editors and other media professionals across the country.

Op-ed Pieces

From suggesting articles on compelling topics, to working with faculty and administrators on drafts, to achieving placement, we have established a proven track record of success. Publishing an op-ed or a guest column on a timely issue is a great way to reach strategic audiences, generate additional media visibility, showcase the insights of your university's faculty members and administrators and connect with influential constituents.

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Trend Stories

We seek out opportunities for your university to be included in ongoing positive coverage with peer institutions. As we learn of stories in the works, we pursue all options to help make your people and programs part of the coverage.

Aligning Media Outreach with Leadership Vision

We help on-campus professionals establish stronger and more impactful connections among communications and storytelling initiatives to link them more effectively with their president’s institutional vision and with their university’s strategic plan.

Media Sessions

We arrange interviews for your president, key administrators, faculty authors or researchers with media in New York, Washington and other major cities. Our consultants can accompany the newsmaker to these meetings, or we can arrange for a member of the university's communications staff to take part in the sessions.

Media Representation

As our consultants travel to major media markets, they meet with editorial decision-makers at print, broadcast, electronic and online media, sharing story ideas and learning about new opportunities and editorial needs.

Editorial Updates

We keep our on-campus PR colleagues apprised of high-profile reporters and editors changing positions and those seeking quotable sources at key news outlets.

Counsel on Use of Coverage

While achieving a positive editorial feature may be a desired result unto itself, we can help you utilize your earned-media placements as valuable third-party endorsements. We will meet with your university's professionals in admissions, alumni relations and other areas to discuss how the coverage we generate can be used to help enhance their ongoing initiatives.

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Campus Visits

We get to know the colleges and universities we serve by frequent contact. We travel to campus for consultation with the communications team and to engage potential newsmakers in discussion sessions about their work and insights.

Crisis Communication

Our consultants help clients develop a plan to react swiftly and strategically to developing stories and provide timely consultation when a crisis looms. We offer constructive input based on years of experience.

Web Content

Academy Communications provides colleges with compelling content, stories about campus people and programs, which can then be used to enhance an institution's Web presence.

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Social Media

Whether your president wishes to reach new audiences online or you are seeking to expand or improve your educational institution's social-media presence, we can provide good counsel, feedback and ideas or hands-on

Editorial Assistance

Our consultants provide writing and editing resources for your institution's publications, and uncover timely story ideas for internal and external readerships.

Other Services Include

Media training; staffing assistance; communications audits; and programs to help link your school's marketing and PR initiatives.

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