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With deep roots and decades of experience working with colleges and universities large and small, we have focused exclusively on higher education since our firm’s founding. Academy Communications' expertise in effective communications consulting and hands-on work and resources for the higher education landscape delivers innovative strategies and campaigns that engage audiences that matter most. Whether you seek to improve your university's visibility, promote research, attract top talent, or effectively manage crises, we can help you showcase the excellence and achievements of your institution.

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There’s no such thing as conventional wisdom

We live in unconventional times as information thunders across the modern media and social landscape leaving chaos in its wake. These days it’s easy to confuse the volume of noise with tangible value. Academy Communications guides colleges and universities beyond the clutter to generate interest in reputation-defining programs and distinctive resources. We partner with on-campus communications professionals to support and empower them and their leadership to pursue effective new ways to showcase what makes their institutions worthy of attention.

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Turn up the value not the volume...

Academy Communications specializes in helping colleges and universities recognize and communicate their unique place in higher education through earned-media coverage and better overall visibility. We provide guidance and expertise to advance their key messages and achievements through the noise to promote understanding--and to deliver positive and impactful results.

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